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Famous physicist Albert Einstein had an IQ score of 160-190. Popular artist Andy Warhol had an IQ score of 89. Both are successful with world-class success and achievements.


If IQ alone is not the key factor for success, then what are the factors for success?


The Experts At Carnegie Institute of Technology Revealed It:

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    85% of success is due to EQ skills: personality, ability to communicate, lead

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    The remaining 15% is technical knowledge

So what’s the problem with the modern day learning?


As parents, we devote a lot of time and attention and focus too much time developing our children’ IQs (Intelligence Quotient) and making sure they excel in school and get good grades. When our children are not doing well in school, our immediate solution is tuition – but this technical knowledge only adds to the 15% portion for success.


Here’s the problem: most parents don’t see the need to develop their child’s EQ!


Did you know that children with higher EQs are known to be overall better performers in school than those with only high IQs? This is because they are equipped to handle high-pressure situations like exams better than their peers.


If we foster EQ in our children when they are young, they learn how to better manage and handle their emotions – feelings of stress and anxiety.


High EQ also makes children learn, problem solve and develop positive social relationships. With higher EQ, your child will improve his/her communication skills, resulting in a more confident child.


Research shows that children will higher IQ and EQ can focus better in class and they learn faster.


With higher EQ, your child will learn to express emotions better, listen actively, and develop more positive, caring, respectful relationships with others. Here’s how your child can benefit from a high IQ and EQ.

Outcomes of IQ development in your child:

  • Stronger focus and concentration when learning
  • Improves memory, able to remember and retain more information
  • More observant and careful, avoiding careless mistakes and precious marks
  • Improves creativity, logic and language skills

Outcomes of EQ development in your child:

  • Improves learning speed
  • Enhances self-esteem, anxiety and anger management skills
  • Improves problem solving skills with accuracy
  • Improves leadership, communication skills, resulting in a more confident child


At People Impact, our IQEQ holistic curriculum is created by leading professors from Harvard University, MIT, Michigan University, Washington University and University of Hong Kong.

Till date, our IQEQ Programme has helped over 10,000 children improve their focus, social, leadership and communication skills!

Learning Outcomes for your child at our IQEQ Programme: 

  • Thinking: Enhance critical and creative thinking ability, leading to a better and faster learner.
  • Memory: Learn to encode, store and recall information, thereby understanding and retaining more information when learning.
  • Leadership Skills: Learn to lead a team, while enhancing intellectual foresight and self-esteem and confidence.
  • Communication Skills: Learn skills of a strong communicator, to come out of the comfort zone and be unafraid of public speaking.
  • Self-esteem: Learn to express their feelings with confidence. This helps them solve problems, tackle stress, and accept responsibility for their actions.

"My Child Is MORE Disciplined, Focused &
Confident After Joining People Impact!”

  • “As parents, we believe that at this young age, there are other skills which are more important than academic skills, such as self-confidence, communication and emotions-management skills.


    Our daughter Charmaine joined People Impact when she was 4 years old. She had short attention span and was easily anxious. She would give up when she could not resolve something on her own. We decided to try something different to support the overall development of our daughter.


    Now, at 7 years old, Charmaine has become more disciplined, focused and confident.We love how People Impact provides learning and guidance through play and in interesting formats that keep Charmaine looking forward to class, week after week. The best part is that People Impact helps not just Charmaine, but us.


    Our weekly parents meetings with the teachers give us many opportunities to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of our child.


    The teachers are very dedicated and they really know Charmaine very well now, and share with us how to do the same – to get to know our daughter well. This allows us to understand how we can parent Charmaine better. Special thanks to Teacher CK for patiently guiding her in class.”

“Her focus and memory improved!”

“Our younger daughter Shenise joined People Impact 5 months ago. She changed from a girl who could not stay focused and sit still in class to someone who can now sit still patiently and wait for instructions to be given. Her memory has improved and she is able to patiently write all alphabets without whining.”


Ms. Marie Wong, Mother of Charmaine, age 7 and Shenise, age 4


As parents, it is important to give your child a balanced IQ and EQ.


Come and learn how we use PLAY and many other non-conventional activities to nurture a child’s cognitive, social and emotional skills.


Learn how you, as a parent can nurture your child’s potential, and how you can follow-up at home with activities to strengthen what your child learns at People Impact.


For a limited time only, you can sign up for a FREE trial class for your child (3 – 12 years old)!

What you and your child will gain from this IQEQ trial class:

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    Experience a series of fun and stimulating learning activities that are specially designed by our team of expert to help your child improve focus, confidence, social and communication skills

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    A 15-minute debrief with the parent on the learning elements and objectives of the lesson and the skills we focus on

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    A 1-on-1 IQEQ evaluation of your child by our trainers

    • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your child
    • Identify the IQEQ focus areas that are currently missing and how we can support the development of your child
    • Learn how can you nurture your child’s EQ and watch the bond between you grow and strengthen


"Experiential learning and two way open feedback ... the most effective program so far!"

“People Impact IQEQ program has provided Nathinee with a platform to learn not only in but also out of the classroom. I also appreciate the debrief session after each class where assessment and advice were provided as to how parents can better manage each child.


She is now more confident in “show and tell” and she has developed a value system via various activities and is highly motivated in what she does. Thanks People Impact!”


Mr. Thanadet Wangwanchot, Father of Nathinee, age 6

"More expressive... Better self-confidence... Participates more in class... Memory has expanded!"

“For our daughter, she used to be shy and quiet and would just stay silent in the past.


After joining People Impact, she is more daring and expressive. At a recent live music concert, she stood up and started grooving to the beat – something she would not have done before because she was really shy!


It is obvious now that she has better self-confidence , and she learned when and how to be nice. Her school teachers have also commented that she is showing more initiative and participates more in class nowadays.


We noticed that her memory has expanded and she can recognize very challenging Higher Chinese words. ”


Thomas Lee & Shalynn Lee with their kids Adelia Lee (5 years old)

"Made good progress in her character building and interest in learning!"

“For our daughter, she used to be shy and quiet and would just stay silent in the past.


“It started as a “try-try” mentality when we are looking for an enrichment program for Wan Ting. Soon it became a weekend routine which our daughter never failed to remind us to bring her to the “Play House”. As parents, we are delighted to see our daughter has enjoyed every session and made good progress in her character building and interest in learning. We attribute this to the passion of the teachers and the effective methodology of the teaching from People Impact.”


Mr. Nelson Teo and Ms. Rachel Koo, Parents of Teo Wan Ting, Age 5


    People Impact is the market leader with more than 15 years in providing intelligence training and life-skills development for children from 3 to 12 years old.


    In creating a curriculum for children in Asia, People Impact invested over US$4 million in Research and Development, inviting leading professors from Harvard, MIT, Michigan University, Washington University and University of Hong Kong.


    To date, People Impact is spread across Hong Kong, China, Macau, Singapore and Korea, reaching up to 100 centres and partners, benefiting children of different regions.


Our signature IQEQ Programme runs for as long as your child needs. We have children who have been with us for months and some for years.
We have weekday and weekend classes. Our centres' schedule differ so please contact us though our contact form or call us to find out more about our class schedules.
No more than 10 students in each class.
All People Impact trainers are on a full-time basis, with academic achievements of minimum Degree or above, majoring in Psychology, Education, Linguistics or similar. Aside from basic requirements in early-childhood education field, all trainers are certified with People Impact's LTP qualification, with approval from our international academic advisors.
All People Impact® programs are developed and designed by a team of professors from both Western and Eastern schools, including Dr. Eric Klopfer (MIT), Dr. David Spicer (Harvard), Dr. Tony Dickinson (Washington University), Dr. Barry Fishman (Michigan University) and Dr. Diane Hui (University of Hong Kong). People Impact® upholds the mission of taking the qualities of both Western and Eastern education and creating scientifically grounded curriculum to provide children with a happy life and bright future.


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